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For Summer Reading 2022
 Dance Like an Octopus at the Library! 
Add "Do the Octopus" by Steve Blunt to your library playlist for dancing with the kids at storytime. Full song download available at Spotify, YouTube & Apple Music

Down by the Bay
Songs in the Key of Sea

Flap your fins & flop your tails! Steve performs ocean-themed songs & stories guaranteed to make a splash at the library. “Five Little Fishies” is a counting finger play that celebrates little minnows going off to school. “The Boston Come-All-Ye” is a salty old shanty in which the fish of the sea take over a sailing ship. “Do the Octopus” is a rockin’ original tune that invites everyone to wave their tentacles and dance like a marine invertebrate. Big and little fish alike will be hooked by this summer reading show—with plenty of fun, upbeat songs in the key of sea.

Ages 0 - 10
Approx. 45-60 min, $300

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