Performances open to the public are listed in eye-catching bold print!

This page lists Steve’s complete schedule–including school shows (and other bookings not open to the public) for those who wish to check availability or make sure that they’re on the schedule. 


Fri 6/1–Birch Hill Elementary, Nashua (pm)

Fri 6/1–Groton Community School Family Night (pm)

Wed 6/6–St. Mary’s School, Danvers, MA (am)

Wed 6/6–Steve Blunt & Friends fea. Marty Kelley at RMMS School, Brookline, NH for Brookline PL Summer Reading Kick-Off (pm)

Thu 6/7–Hollis Primary School Preschool, Hollis, NH (am & pm)

Fri 6/8–Shaughnessy School, Lowell, MA (pm)

Sat 6/9–Northwood, NH: Steve Blunt at Chesley Library, 2:00 PM. 603-942-5472.

Mon 6/11–Pierce Elementary School, Bennington, NH (pm)

Tue 6/12–Roudenbush ECC, Westford, MA (pm)

Wed 6/13–Underhill School, Hooksett, NH (am & pm)

Wed 6/13–Eliot, ME: Steve Blunt at Fogg Library, 6:00 PM. 207-439-9437. 

Thur 6/14–Steve Blunt & Friends, Timberlane School District. Danville Elementary (am), Atkinson Elementary (pm).

Fri 6/15–Title I Preschool, Nashua (am)

Fri 6/15–Family Night Picnic, Little Tree Education Center, Dover, NH (pm)

Sat 6/16–Somersworth, NH: Steve Blunt at Somersworth Children’s Festival (The Pines Park), TIME CHANGED TO 11:00 AM–I think.  

Mon 6/18–Salem, MA: Steve Blunt at Salem Willows Park, 11:30 AM.

Mon 6/18–Mont Vernon, NH: Steve Blunt at Daland Memorial Library, 6:30 PM. 603-673-7888. (Rain location is Mont Vernon Village School.)  

Tue 6/19–Steve Blunt & Friends, Timberlane School District. Pollard Elementary (am), North Sandown Elementary (pm).

Thur 6/21–Kids Inn, Amherst, NH (am)

Fri 6/22–Mattapoisett, MA: Steve Blunt & Marty Kelley at Mattapoisett Free Public Library, 3:00 PM. 508-758-4171.

Sat 6/23–Auburn, NH: Steve Blunt at Griffin Free Public Library, 1:00 PM. 603-483-5374. 

Mon 6/25–Dover, NH: Steve Blunt & Marty Kelley at Dover Public Library, 3:00 PM. 516-6052.

Tue 6/26–Bethlehem, NH: Steve Blunt & Marty Kelley at Colonial Theatre, summer reading show for Bethlehem Public Library, 11:00 AM. 603-869-2409.

Tue 6/26–Hampstead, NH: Steve, Marty & Joey at Hampstead Meetinghouse Park Bandstand, 6:00 PM. Rain location TBD. Hosted by Hampstead Cable Television.

Wed 6/27–Pembroke, NH: Steve Blunt at Pembroke Town Library, 6:30 PM. 603-485-7851.

Thur 6/28–Canterbury, NH: Steve Blunt at Elkins Public Library, 10:00 AM. 569-2428.

Thur 6/28–Wolfeboro, NH: Steve Blunt & Marty Kelley at Cate Park, Wolfeboro Town Docks, 1:00 PM. Hosted by Wolfeboro Public Library. 603-569-2428.

Thur 6/28–Sunapee, NH: Steve Blunt & Marty Kelley at Abbot Library, 6:00 PM. 763-5513. 

Fri 6/29–Nellie’s Treehouse, Amherst, NH (am)

Sat 6/30–Andover, MA: Steve Blunt & Marty Kelley at Hall Library, 11:30 AM. 978-623-8451. 



Mon 7/2–Chesterfield, NH: Steve Blunt & Marty Kelley at Chesterfield Public Library, 10:30 AM. 363-4621. 

Mon 7/2–North Woodstock, NH: Steve Blunt & Marty Kelley at Bilodeau Community Center (hosted by Mousilake Public Library), 3:30 PM.

Tue 7/3–Bath, NH: Steve Blunt & Marty Kelley at Bath Public Library, 10 AM. 603-747-3372. 

Tue 7/3–Gilmanton, NH: Steve Blunt & Marty Kelley at Gilmanton Year-Round Library, 5:30 PM. 364-2400. 

Thur 7/5–Kinder Care, Nashua, (am)

Mon 7/9–Title I Enrichment, Nashua (am)

Mon 7/9–Bradford, NH: Steve Blunt at Brown Memorial Library, 2:00 PM. 603-938-5372.

Tue 7/10–Title I Enrichment, Nashua (am)

Tue 7/10–Hill, NH: Steve Blunt & Marty Kelley at Hill Public Library, 2:00 PM. 603-934-9712.

Tue 7/10–Merrimack, NH: Steve Blunt at Merrimack Public Library, 6:30 PM. 603-424-5021. 

Wed 7/11–Holderness NH: Steve Blunt at Holderness Town Library, 10 AM. 603-673-2288. 

Wed 7/11–Amherst, NH: Steve Blunt & Friends at Amherst Town Library, 4:00 PM. 603-673-2288. 

Tue 7/17–Merrimac, MA: Steve Blunt at Merrimac Public Library, 10:30 AM. 978-346-9441. 

Tue 7/17–Nashua, NH: Songwriting for Kids Workshop at Nashua Public Library, 2:00 PM. Call to register: 603-589-4630.

Wed 7/18–Title I Enrichment, Nashua (am)

Wed 7/18–Westford, MA: Steve Blunt & Marty Kelley at Fletcher Library, 11:30 AM. 978-399-2307.

Wed 7/18–Somersworth, NH: Steve Blunt & Marty Kelley Kids’ Concert, 6:00 PM at Somersworth High School.

Thur 7/19–Title I Enrichment, Nashua (am)

Thur 7/19–Claremont, NH: Steve Blunt & Marty Kelley at Fiske Free Library, 3:00 PM. 603-542-7017

Thur 7/19–Plainfield, NH: Steve Blunt & Marty Kelley at Read Library, 6:30 PM. 603-675-6866. 

Fri 7/20–Beverly, MA: Steve Blunt at Beverly Public Library, 10:30 AM. 978-921-6062. 

Mon 7/23–Learning Path, Salem, NH (am)

Mon 7/23–Wilmington, MA: Steve Blunt at Wilmington Memorial Library, 6:30 PM. 978-694-2098.

Tue 7/24–Learning Path, Derry, NH (am)

Tue 7/24–Salem, NH: Steve Blunt at Kelley Library, 6:00 PM. 898-7064. 

Wed 7/25–Title I Enrichment, Nashua (am)

Wed 7/25–Franklin, NH: Steve Blunt & Marty Kelley at Franklin Public Library, 2:00 PM. 934-2911.

Wed 7/25–Pelham, NH: Steve, Marty & Joey at Pelham Town Green, hosted by Pelham Community Spirit. 6:00 PM. 

Thur 7/26–Title I Enrichment, Nashua (am)

Thur 7/26–Seabrook, NH: Steve Blunt & Marty Kelley at Seabrook PL, 1:30 PM. 603-474-2044. 

Fri 7/27–Manchester, NH: Steve Blunt & Friends fea. Marty Kelley at UNH Manchester, 10:00 AM. 603-641-4348.

Mon 7/30–Blackstone, MA: Steve Blunt & Marty Kelley at Blackstone Public Library, 11:00 AM. 508-883-1931.

Tue 7/31–Boston College Children’s Center (am)

Tue 7/31–Grantham, NH: Steve Blunt & Friends at the Town Pavilion, 6-8 PM. 


Wed 8/1–Title I Enrichment, Nashua (am)

Wed 8/1–Windham, NH: Songwriting Workshop at Nesmith Memorial Library, 1:00 PM. Call to register: 432-7154.

Thur 8/2–Title I Enrichment, Nashua (am)

Thur 8/2–Groveton, NH: Steve Blunt & Marty Kelley at Northumberland Public Library, 3:00 PM. 603-636-2066. 

Thur 8/2–Colebrook, NH: Steve Blunt & Marty Kelley, Summer Reading Show, Tillotson Arts Center (hosted by Colebrook PL). 6:30 PM. 603-237-4808.

Fri 8/3–Stoughton, MA: Steve Blunt & Marty Kelley at Stoughton Public Library, 10:30 AM. 781-344-2711. 

Mon 8/6–Learning Path, Salem, NH (am)

Mon 8/6–Boscawen, NH: Steve Blunt at Boscawen Public Library, 6:30 PM. 603-753-8576. 

Tue 8/7–Learning Path, Derry, NH (am)

Tue 8/7–Rindge, NH: Steve Blunt & Marty Kelley at Rindge Gazebo/Meetinghouse for Ingalls Memorial Library, 6:30 PM. 603-899-3303. 

Wed 8/8–Northfield, NH: Steve Blunt & Marty Kelley at Hall Memorial Library, 11:00 AM. 286-8971.

Wed 8/8–Plymouth, NH: Steve Blunt & Marty Kelley at Pease Library, 3:30 PM. 603-536-2616.

Thu 8/9–Southborough, MA: Steve Blunt at Southborough Library, 3:00 PM. 508-485-5031. 

Thu 8/9–Paxton, MA: Steve Blunt & Marty Kelley at Richards Memorial Library, 6:15 PM. 508-754-0793. 

Fri 8/10–Hudson, NH: Steve Blunt & Friends at Rodgers Memorial Library, 6:00 PM. 

Mon 8/13–Sunny Skies & Rainbows (Dracut); Amazing Minds (Tyngsboro) AM

Mon 8/13–Webster, NH: Steve Blunt & Marty Kelley at Webster Free Public Library, 6:30 PM. 603-648-2700. 

Tue 8/14–Seedlings Early Learning Center, Epping, NH (am)

Wed 8/15–Creative Minds, Dracut & Tyngsboro  (am)

Wed 8/15–Kids’ League of Westford (pm)

Fri 8/17–Next Generation Children’s Center, Andover, MA (am)

Mon 8/20–Kinder Care, Londonderry, NH (am)

Tue 8/21–Granite Start Early Learning Center, Nashua, NH (am)

Thur 8/23–Little Learners, N. Andover, MA (am)

Thu Aug 23–Strafford, NH: Steve Blunt & Friends at Hill Library, 3:00 PM. 603-664-2800.

To discuss booking, please contact: