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Events in GREEN are free and open to the public--though some may require pre-registration. Please click on the host venue website links for further details. Events in BLUE are private, listed for information purposes only. 
JUNE, 2024
Sat 6/15, Somersworth, NH. Solo show at Somersworth International Children's Festival, 11:00 AM. 
M 6/17, Granite Start, Nashua, NH, 10:00 AM. 
T 6/18, Hudson, NH. Solo show at Benson's, hosted by Rogers Memorial Library, 10:00 AM.
W 6/19, St. Joseph Summer Camp, Salem, NH, 10:30 AM. 
Th 6/20, Malden, MA. Solo show at Malden Public Library, 1:15 PM. 
F 6/21, Learning Path, Salem, NH. 10:00 AM.
F 6/21, Little Tree Family Night, Dover, NH, 5:30 PM. 
M 6/24, Home daycare, Nashua, NH. 9:30 AM.

M 6/24, Raymond, NH. Solo show at Dudley-Tucker Library, 5:45 PM. 
T 6/25, Kindercare, N. Reading, MA. 10 AM. 
W 6/26, Litchfield, NH. Steve & Marty at Cutler Memorial Library, 11:00 AM. 
Th 6/27, Durham, NH. Steve & Marty at Durham Public Library, 10:30 AM. 

F 6/28, Kiddie Academy, Windham, NH. 10 AM. 

JULY, 2024
M 7/8, Title I Nashua.
T 7/9, Title I Nashua.

T 7/9, New Hampton, NH. Solo show at Gordon-Nash Library, 6:30 PM.
CANCELLED: W 7/10, Hanover Park & Rec. 
CANCELLED: W 7/10, Solo show at Howe Library, 5:00 PM. (Rescheduled for Sat Sept. 28)
CANCELLED: Th 7/11, Title I Nashua.
CANCELLED: Th 7/11, Manchester, NH. Solo show at Manchester City Library, 6:00 PM.  (Rescheduled for Tue 8/20.)
CANCELLED: F 7/12, Sunny Sky & Rainbows, Amazing Minds. (Rescheduled for Wed 8/21.) 
F 7/12, Nottingham, NH. Solo show at Nottingham Park & Rec, 2:00 PM. 
M 7/15, Title I, Nashua. 
T 7/16, Title I Nashua. 
W 7/17, Silly Goose, Franklin, NH. 

W 7/17, New Boston, NH. Steve & Marty at Town Bandstand for Whipple Library, 6:30 PM. 
Th 7/18, Title I, Nashua. 
F 7/19, Berlin, NH. Steve & Marty at Kelley Park for Berlin PL, 11:00 AM.
F 7/19, Colebrook, NH. Steve & Marty at Tillotson Arts Center for Colebrook PL, 2:00 PM.  

M 7/22, Title I, Nashua.
T 7/23, Title I, Nashua.

T 7/23, Keene, NH. Solo show at Keene Public Library, 1:00 PM. 
W 7/24, Kids Inn, Amherst. 

W 7/24, Somersworth, NH. Steve & Marty at Somersworth High School for Somersworth Festival Associatioin. 
Th 7/25, Title I, Nashua.
Th 7/25, Brookline, NH. Solo show at Brookline Public Library, 6:00 PM. 
F 7/26, Groton, MA. Steve & Marty at Groton Public Library, 11:00 PM. 

M 7/29, Title I, Nashua. 
T 7/30, Title I, Nashua. 
T 7/30, Boys & Girls Club, Nashua.
W 7/31, Dunbarton, NH. Steve & Marty at Dunbarton Public Library, 10:30 AM. 
W 7/31, Hampstead, NH. Steve, Marty & Noelle at Hampstead Public Library for Hampstead Cable, 6:00 PM. 

AUGUST, 2024
Th 8/1, Title I, Nashua. 

Th 8/1, Brentwood, NH. Solo show at Bartlett Public Library, 3:00 PM.
Th 8/1, South Hampton, NH. Steve & Marty at South Hampton PL, 6:00 PM.

F 8/2, Sama's Daycare, Hudson. 
S 8/3, New London, NH. Solo show at Tracy Memorial Library, 12:00 PM. 

M 8/5, World Academy, Nashua. 
T 8/6, Dover, NH. Solo show at Rotary Arts Pavilion, Henry Law Park, 10:30 AM. 
W 8/7, Franklin, NH. Solo show at Franklin Public Library, 10:00 AM. 

Th 8/8, Barnyard Buddies, Fremont.
Th 8/8, Wilmington, MA. Steve, Marty & Noelle at Town Common for Wilmington Public Library, 5:30. 
F 8/9, Kindercare @ Riv, Nashua. 
S 8/10, Bellingham, MA. Steve, Marty & Noelle at Bellingham Celebration Days for Bellingham PL, 12:00 PM. 

M 8/12, Kindercare, Woburn, MA. 
T 8/13, Kindercare, Londonderry, NH. 
W 8/14, The Ark Learning Center, Tilton.
W 8/14, Plymouth, NH. Steve & Marty at Pease Public Library, 3:00 PM. 
Th 8/15, The Ark Learning Center, Londonderry, NH. 
Th 8/15, Sunapee, NH. Solo show at Abbot Library, 5:30 PM. 
F 8/16, The Ark Learning Center, Hooksett. 
T 8/20, Manchester, NH. Solo show at Manchester City Library, 3:00 PM. 
W 8/21, Sunny Sky & Rainbows, Dracut, MA. Amazing Minds, Tyngsboro, MA. 

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